Download Google Play Store free for PC, Android APK

In order to discover them in functional condition, it is also necessary to understand how to download them properly. @l3l_aze App repackaging requires more modifications and can be detected by the app easily. A lot of apps don’t work if you just change the packageName. Just to be clear, the .eu site has no connection […]

Microsoft confirms Windows 10’s screenshot tool is crashing for some users

Thankfully, over the years, installing Windows has become quite easy. All you need is access to a USB drive and a Windows computer with an internet connection. If you don’t have either of those two things, then your best bet is getting a Windows 10 USB from Microsoft. Launch setup.exe on the flash drive to […]

Best Pokemon GBA ROMs, 60 Pokemon ROMs That You’ll Love

Which is a patch that must be applied to an original ROM of the appropriate game in order to play the hack. Unlike complete ROM files, .IPS files are legal to. Description Have fun playing the amazing Pokemon Emerald game for Game Boy Advance. Take on powerful Dynamax Pokémon. Take your favorite Pokémon for a […]