The cutting department at Karakoram Textile is under a highly-skilled department manager and pattern Master. The department is well equipped with the latest machinery, dramatically improving precision and productivity reducing fabric wastage to a noticeable ratio. The critical equipment installed includes the GGT machine, Auto-cutter (End cutter, Hand cutter, and Drill Cutter), Band Knife, Spreader, Bierrebi, etc. We also use techniques like Water Jet, Laser cutting, Plasma torch cutter to cut the fabric precisely and make it ready for the following process. The large-scale production begins with the massive roll of fabric in either its original color or dyed. The pattern master prepares the pattern design in coordination with the cutting team. However, the measurements are precisely replicated on the silhouettes. This is one of the most critical steps in workwear manufacturing.

The team carefully follows the silhouettes during cutting with the help of a machine. Our skilled workers do the cutting task keeping caution in view to avoid any wastage of fabric. The entire cutting process goes through the scrutiny of our expert quality analysts within the quality assurance team, which critically analyze the process and strictly adhere to the quality and standards defined in the procedural manual. Karakoram Textiles proves to be the best fabric manufacturer since 2006, and we are moving towards achieving milestones every year.