Karakoram Textile is entirely committed to helping your business succeed by offering top-notch quality dyeing and finishing services combined with a quick turnaround time. Karakoram textile deals in coloring the fabric in a different way. We are bringing flexibility in the dyeing field and introducing a waterless innovative dyeing process to cost-effectively color the fabric. The company uses digital processes to provide on-demand dye techniques to the manufacturers. The quality of our dyes never gets fade, and it always remains the same as on the first purchase. 

Our excellent management staff is here from day one, ready to help answer any questions you may have about what we offer. At Karakoram Textiles, we strive to achieve the exact hue of even the most challenging colors, making our products distinctive. We are equipped with a continuous thermos dyeing, continuous bleaching plant and pad steam range from Germany and South Korea, capable of the annual production of 8 Million meters on international standards. Our excellent dyestuffs, shade variance and color batch preparation assure that our products sustain the premier quality of international standards. Due to significant concern towards quality and environment, we are certified with OEKO TEX100.