Clipping refers to cutting unwanted corners and edges to give a finished look to the outfit. Clipping is the vital step that contributes to various tools and automatic clipping machines to make a garment appealing and unique. The use of equipment is costly, and we never compromise on quality. We have hired a team of experts who are proficient in sewing and give a fabric an entire charismatic look.


After Clipping, the second stage is pressing the garment, making it straight, and there should be no crease. We have the latest machinery to press the garments so that they can be easily folded and ready for packing. We have plain pressers, and the fabric is placed at the flat surface to press the garment. It is used to iron the main areas or the 3D parts to give shape. Finishing is a continuous process needed at every stage, and our highly trained workers are skilled enough to work with every type of fabric and give them a refined look.


We have a separate department to ensure the quality of fabric. The garment’s quality is checked and re-verified; if any torn part of the fabric faints. Before packing, the audit section is done to ensure that the garment is ready to sell. Our customers never compromise on quality, and we assure the same. We are dedicated to providing our complete fledge services to our end customers to meet their needs.


There is a separate department for the packaging. We have supervisors responsible for finalizing the ordered fabric, completing its packing, and delivering it to the relevant merchant for sale. We offer different types of packing like hanger packing in which the shirt is hung upon the hanger or flat pack in which the shirt is folded on two sides and putting the collar above. We have automatic packing machines that make the garments folded in a set that is ready to deliver.