When it comes to having a permanent print or design on a fabric, there are two well-known methods: embroidery and painting. It depends on the fabric or design when deciding whether to get a printed or embroidered one.

In order to make the fabric more attractive, embroidery and painting are used that is low cost and make the looks even better. The threads we use are high quality, and the designs are worth seeing. Karakoram Textiles use the latest techniques and threading system that makes the fabric enticing, and the names can also be embroidered. While garments customized with printing and embroidery are ideal for several occasions and purposes, they are particularly popular with employers and business owners looking to create a strong brand identity and a professional appearance for staff. Thanks to these different techniques and machines, we can always find the right solution to meet your desired needs. Our professional experts have the latest techniques and unique ideas to bring a new look to your outfit.

There are many reasons to choose our fabric like:

  • Excellent and high-quality finishing
  • Unique and trendy color paintings
  • Sophisticated embroidered designs
  • 100% durability

You are on the right platform to buy good-quality fabric and appealing designs. We never compromise quality over anything. It’s an art to choose which design suits and the type of fabric should be chosen wisely. Karakoram textiles offer you unique and high-quality fabric designs with the best quality.