The stitching division is equipped with high-tech stitching machines. Each staff can stitch fabrics and apparel products to attain the most refined production, efficiency, and utmost quality standards. Our stitching machines include top-notch computerized Single & Double-needle, feedo, Buttonhole, button attaching, automatic fusing attachment, Bar taking, loop cutting, velcro cutting, Kansai & many others. These stitching equipment have a combined capacity of converting more than 0.5 Million meters of fabric into final product per annum. Every needle is threaded with the needle thread and bobbin thread. We have a skilled workforce experienced in shaping the fabrics into different sizes and styles per customers’ requirements and expectations. Our experienced professionals give the fabric an outclass look with various unique designs.

We aim to stitch protective clothing to save you while working in industries and factories. The 16 years of vast experience in this field has enabled us to stitch a cloth, proving to be a safety suit in dangerous and polluted areas. The stitching area is well equipped with the latest tools and machinery that can make an outfit comfortable to wear. Our ambition is to provide our customers with the clothing they want and feel relaxed while working. The stitching capability of Karakoram Textiles makes us one of the leading competitors of the fabric industry.