In the past, weaving has been done through the looms that interlace the yarns together to make fabric. Weave fabric for hours and days, and the process is prolonged—the Karakoram textile manufactures fabric through 2D and 3D technology at a remarkable capacity. Karakoram textile’s weaving unit uses modernized techniques and has state-of-the-art machines to meet the customers’ requirements. The unit is equipped with Sulzer and Air jet looms with widths ranging from 75″ up to 153″ for weaving. The weaving facilities are competent in Percale, Twill, Drill, Dobby, Sateen, Sheeting, Jacquard and other flawless finely woven fabrics. We have set up modern technologies to weave the fabric and achieve the desired results to avoid labor costs and human errors. It has been monitored that the fabric is best woven when high-quality machinery is used rather than manual work. The Karakoram supersedes in automatic machinery, and there is no manual work because we can’t afford customer’s dissatisfaction.

Our skilled workers are well trained, and they know how to make a piece of fabric that looks adorable. We are proud to offer our services, and the potential to grow is the main reason behind our efforts. We are growing with the satisfaction of our customers, and our dedicated team members continuously achieve the goals.